Strategic Network Consulting

Helmsman has designed, engineered, secured, and implemented networks serving some of the most important customer bases in the world.  Our clients include major US airlines, leading consumer retailers, oil and gas companies, government agencies with sensitive projects, public utility providers, nonprofits, and service providers. Let us help engineer yours.

Oil and Gas

Without Helmsman's expert work, we couldn't have met our date for having the new data center up and running. To migrate this network in as short of a time as you did is nothing short of a miracle.

Global Network Manager
Houston, TX

Major US Airline

What an amazing job!  The work you did for us in migrating our load balancers and training our team on the new gear was absolutely critical to meeting the timelines for this project and making sure we were able to manage what we'd purchased.  Thanks for all your hard work and the countless late nights.

Project Manager
Southwest US

Consumer Retailer

Your security assessment was better than something we paid hundreds of thousands of more for last year, and it opened our eyes significantly. Now we can do security the right way. Thank you.

Northeast US


[Your engineer]'s work was outstanding and this is the most well-documented implementation and analysis of requirements I've ever seen in thirty years of doing IT.

Atlanta, GA